Big Fat Positive

I always wondered what it would feel like to find out I pregnant. When would I take the test, how would I share the news with Craig, would I “feel” pregnant before taking the test?

The day we found out we were pregnant was very strange.  Craig woke up at 5am one Sunday morning and told me to take a pregnancy test because he’d had a dream about us having a baby.  The strange thing was, I’d also had a dream about being pregnant, so half asleep, I found a pregnancy test and took it.  Craig was still in bed, so I did the deed, waited two minutes and nothing happened – no line, no change, so I thought no baby, and went back to bed.  When I woke up later that morning, I had a niggling feeling to check the pregnancy test again.  I had another look and swore I saw a faint line, but I wasn’t sure.  Craig said I was trying to see something that wasn’t there, but I was convinced, so I took another test.  These were two cheapy tests I’d bought from Asda, and I’d had them in drawer for over a year, so I didn’t know how reliable they were.  Again, nothing came up, so I threw the test in the bin, but all day I had a niggling feeling that I was pregnant.

I didn’t “feel” pregnant, it was just a feeling I had in the back of my mind that I was.  I kept thinking about it, so that night I fished both tests out of the bathroom bin (gross, I know!) and both of them had a very faint line.  I could definitely see it, but Craig said he couldn’t and I was trying to see something because I wanted it to be there.  We decided I would buy a Clear Blue test the next day as that would give us a definite yes or no answer. Tests 1 and 2

I bought the test on my lunch break at work, and it was all I could think about all day – I got no work done!  I just wanted to get home and get it done.  A lot of people said they would have just done it themselves, but if I was pregnant, it was something I wanted to share with Craig, so I waited.  I was so excited to get home, but it took me until 10pm that night to actually get round to doing the test!

Craig waited outside the bathroom while I took the test and then we waited for the result to come up – longest two minutes ever!!  The timer went off and we looked at the result:

Clear blue test

We were pregnant!!!!

I honestly don’t know how to describe that feeling.  It was very surreal and we couldn’t actually believe it – to the point where Craig still wasn’t completely convinced!

I was only 2 weeks pregnant, so it was very early days, but we went to bed that night working out due dates, and guessing the sex, and talking about names.  It was a very exciting time for us!

I don’t think it really hit us for a few days that I was actually pregnant, but it was lovely having this little secret just between the two of us – even more so when three days later our very close friends announced they were pregnant!  It was very hard for us as everyone then kept saying we would be next with our news…little did they know it would be announced sooner than they thought!


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