The Big Reveal – Telling Friends and Family

Once we had got over the excitement of finding out we were pregnant, we had to decide when and how to tell our friends and family.  We were very conscious that we didn’t want to tell the majority of people until we’d had our 12 week scan, as we knew anything could happen before then, and most people deemed after 12 weeks as the safe period.

Having said that, we had to at least tell our immediate family!  We told my parents first, and then Craig’s parents.  My mum replied with a typical “about time” response, but was very pleased and excited for us, as were Craig’s parents.  We next told all our siblings, who were also very excited for us!  I decided that I wanted my two very best girl friends to know before our scan, because they were the only ones I had told we were trying for a baby, and I knew I couldn’t keep it a secret for that long!  We waited until we were 8 weeks pregnant, and then I signed my friend’s birthday card from “Abi, Craig and ‘bump’ “!  It was amazing to watch her face as she read the card and it clicked what I was telling her!

So we had told the people closest to us, and then waited until our 12 week scan announce it to everyone else.  We wanted to do something fun and unique, and we just so happened to be hosting a Christmas dinner for a group of 8 of our close friends the Saturday after our scan, so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to reveal our secret!

We arranged to do a secret santa, but rigged it slightly so Craig and I had to buy for each other.  Our friends were very good and actually kept it a secret who they were buying for so we didn’t get found out before we could do our big reveal!  We sat everyone in a circle and said we would open presents one by one, so we could have a look and laugh at what everyone had bought each other.  In typical fashion of our friends, there were some very funny (read: rude) presents exchanged, and we all had a good laugh at what people had received.  It then came to Craig to open his present, and then I was the last one.  I had to discreetly open mine while Craig made a big deal about opening his so we could show them at the same time!  Craig was making lots of noise about how funny his present was, and everyone was looking at him, and then we both held up what we had received for them all to see:

Christmas reveal

(Excuse my washed out face, I’m very pale anyway, but looked worse when suffering from pregnancy sickness!!)

Again, the look on their faces was priceless! It took a couple of seconds for them to realise what was happening, and one of our friends thought we’d been given the wrong present and it was a baby gro for our other pregnant friend!

It was so lovely though to see their faces and how happy they were for us!  A very special moment!

Now we had told all the important people we want needed to tell in person, we did the obligatory facebook reveal.  I know some people don’t like to put their personal lives over facebook, but for us it was a good opportunity to tell all our family that we don’t get to see very often all in one go.  We posted the following photo with a message: “Santa has brought us an early Christmas present!” as we posted it a couple of days before Christmas.

Facebook reveal

(You may have noticed the date says July 2015 – this was our original due date before it got changed at our scan!)

Again, it was lovely to read all the messages of congratulations, and see how excited everyone was for us!  We’d had a lot of baby announcements amongst our family and friends in recent times, so it was amazing to finally be posting our own!


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