Pregnancy – The Side Effects

I have to admit, I was pretty lucky with my pregnancy symptoms.  After watching my sister suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum throughout her two pregnancies, I had seen how bad it could be.  I was very lucky to not get any morning sickness until around 11 weeks.  This was great because it meant it was easier to keep my pregnancy a secret, but it also meant that I thought I’d got away without having any!  When it hit, it wasn’t pleasant.  It was more nausea that actual sickness, but breakfast bars and breadsticks were my saviour!  Commuting into London every day was the worst part, as the motion of the train didn’t help (neither did the occasional smelly commuter!!).  I never understood why they called it morning sickness either, as I would have it all day long!  I suffered from this until around 21 weeks.  Some days were better than others, and I would think I was over it, only for another wave to come around and hit me!  I didn’t realise how bad I’d felt until I got over the sickness.

I found the extreme tiredness a lot worse than the sickness though.  I suffered from this from about 4 weeks!  I would get home from work, have dinner and then go straight to bed and sleep for 10 – 12 hours, and still wake up tired!  This was the one symptom I suffered from for the first and second trimester – I actually got a lot more energy in the third trimester!  I also suffered from the occasional migraine, which I hadn’t suffered from previously.  This could have been linked to the tiredness.

The first symptom I got was my exploding boobs!  They seemed to triple in size overnight, and were so sore!  Unfortunately, because they got big so quickly, I got a lot of stretchmarks.  I thought I’d be more bothered about them than I am – once they’re there, I can’t do a lot about it, so there was no point getting upset about them!  I had to embrace the changes my body was going to go through, and a few stretchmarks was going to the least of my problems!

My worst early pregnancy symptom?  Baby brain!  When people talk about baby brain, it’s hard to take it seriously until you’ve experienced it yourself.  I am honestly surprised I didn’t get the sack from work, the amount of stuff I forgot to do, or did wrong because my brain just gave up on me in the first 4 months!  It did get better as my pregnancy went on, but it was the one thing that really frustrated me, especially as people would often point out my baby brain, which made me feel 100 times worse!  I would be half way through doing a task and would forget what I was doing – I would even forget what I was saying halfway through a sentence sometimes!  I’ve been told that it can worse once the baby is actually here, but it did get better as my pregnancy went on, so I hope it continues that way!

Towards the end, my legs, ankles and feet swelled up something chronic!  It was painful at times, and I ended up only being able to wear one pair of shoes and leggings, as I couldn’t fit jeans over my legs!  The heat didn’t help, and I had to put my feet up as much as possible – which was no problem at all for me!

Overall, I had a great pregnancy.  Although I suffered from some symptoms, it could have been a lot worse, and I was pleased to fly through the almost 10 months with relative ease.

Let me know, how was your pregnancy?  What was your worse symptom? How did you get through the symptoms?


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