Would you know what to do?

Would you know what to do if your baby was choking? Or if he suddenly stopped breathing? What if he suffered a serious burn or fell in a swimming pool? If you suddenly found your baby unresponsive would you be able to give him CPR?

Most people probably answered no to all those questions, myself included not that long ago. It seems crazy that so many people don’t have any basic first aid knowledge and even less would be able to give first aid to a baby or small child.  This is why my husband and I decided to attend a baby first aid course.

Our friends invited us along to a session they were holding at their house. There was 8 of us in total, with my friends parents and other friends. The session was run by First Aid Fairies in Essex. A lady came to the house and ran the session from there.

It was a fab session! We learnt how to deal with a burn, how to deal with choking and how to give CPR and put someone in the recovery position, as well as basic home safety. It was good fun as we got to practice on each other (well, my friend and I had to watch as we were heavily pregnant!) We also had an adult and a baby doll to practice CPR on. Something we all said was it was surprising how hard you actually have to push down when doing chest compressions.



The session lasted about 3 hours. We all learnt a lot from it and were very glad we took part. I honestly don’t know how I would react if an emergency situation arose as it must be a very scary experience, but I’d like to think that the knowledge is lurking around in my brain and I’d remember more than I think I do!

I would definitely recommend you taking a baby first aid course, even if you have basic adult first aid training as it’s so different with a baby. A lot of Sure Start children’s centres offer them for free. The one we attended only cost £10 per person.

So don’t delay, get that course booked!!


2 thoughts on “Would you know what to do?

    1. It’s a great thing to do, especially before you start weaning if you are doing BLW. Ask at your local Sure Start centre as well as they usually run one for free!

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