Old Wives Tales

One of my favourite things to do when pregnant was try and guess the sex of the baby using old wives tales. I know, I know, why not just find out?! But I loved the silliness of the tales, and seeing what the predictions would be. It was even more fun to see if any of them were true once the baby had arrived. My favourites are below, including what my “results” are:

Are you carrying high or low?
Apparently if you are carrying high it is a girl, or if you’re low it’s a boy. I was carrying very low the whole way through my pregnancy.

Verdict: BOY

Is your bump out the front or spread across?
Another bump theory is the way your bump sits – if it’s out the front, you’re having a boy, if you’re spread across then you’re having a girl. I was definitely spread all across!

Verdict: GIRL

35 week bump - boy or girl?!
35 week bump – boy or girl?!

Are you craving sweet or savoury?
They say if you are craving sweet, it’s a girl and if you crave savoury it’s a boy. During the beginning of my pregnancy, I massively craved apples, then during the end of my pregnancy I was virtually addicted to jelly!

Verdict: GIRL

Apples and jelly cravings - yummy!
Apples and jelly cravings – yummy!

Were you suffering from morning sickness in the first trimester?
If you suffer from morning sickness in the first trimester, it is said you are carrying a girl, but if you don’t have any sickness, or suffer it later in your pregnancy, you are carrying a boy.  I didn’t have any morning sickness until I was 13 weeks pregnant – I thought I’d got away with not having any, but I suffered up until 21 weeks.

Verdict: BOY

The Ring Trick
If you thread a ring through a piece of string, and hold it above your belly, it will begin to move. If it moves in a circle, you will have a boy, but if it moves from side to side, it is a girl. If it doesn’t move at all, then you’re not pregnant. The tale goes that if you use your own wedding ring, the result is more accurate. I gave it a go using my wedding or engagement ring on my necklace chain. When I tried to do it the first couple of times, it either didn’t move, or would go very slightly in a circle.  As I got a bigger bump, I tried it again and every time it went side to side.

Verdict: GIRL

Use your wedding ring for a more accurate result
Use your wedding ring for a more accurate result

Are you glowing or have you lost your beauty?
Now, this one might sound a bit rude, but basically, if you find you have “lost your beauty”, ie have become spotty or have dry skin, lank hair and dull skin, then you are having a girl. Whilst I was pregnant, I must admit I felt like I looked good! My eczema disappeared completely, my hair was thick and shining, and my skin wasn’t dry at all! Everyone would comment how I was ‘glowing’.

Verdict: BOY

How fast is the baby’s heart beat?
More than 140 and it’s a girl, under 140 and it’s a boy! Obviously the heart beat can vary, but at most of my midwife appointments, the heart beat was 140 or above.

Verdict: GIRL

Did Daddy gain weight?
Now, this is a funny one, but apparently if Daddy gains weight, then it’s a girl, but if he doesn’t, then it’s a boy! (I won’t post a picture of this one!!)

Verdict: GIRL (sorry Daddy!)

The scan picture Skull Theory
It has been said that you can guess the baby’s sex from the shape of their skull on the 12 week scan photo. If it’s rounded, it’s a girl, if it’s sloped, you’ve  got a boy! I’m convinced my scan photo shows a girl….

Verdict: GIRL

12 week scan

What does the Chinese calendar say?

You may have heard of or seen the  Chinese calendar that is said to predict the sex of your baby depending on what month you conceived and how old you were at the time of conception. I was 25 years old and we conceived in October.

Verdict: BOY


So if we tot up the results of each ‘prediction’, we are having a…..GIRL! Although it’s pretty close to be honest. Funnily enough, I had the strongest feeling all the way through my pregnancy that we were going to have a girl. If you don’t already know the outcome of my pregnancy, watch out for my future blog post about my birth story to see if the predictions were correct or not!

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