Say My Name

One of the hardest thing about having a baby, has got to be choosing a name!  I really underestimated how hard it was going to be.

As we didn’t find out the sex of the baby, we had twice the trouble trying to think of boys AND girls names! We downloaded countless apps, bought a number of baby name books, and tried out every name from whatever tv series we happened to be watching at the time (bad time to be watching ‘Gotham’).

Over 8,000 names to choose from, and we still couldn't decide!
Over 8,000 names to choose from, and we still couldn’t decide!

We had a few names on our shortlist – two girls and about four boys names. We were very careful not to tell anyone our shortlist as we didn’t want other people’s opinions – as much as our friends and family tried to get us to reveal all. One of the hardest things about sharing your thoughts on baby names is that EVERYONE has an opinion! And if, for example, your mum turns her nose up at one of your suggestions then you’re not really going to want to use that name. So we kept schtum right up until the baby was born and we knew we had a boy.
However, that didn’t actually make the task any easier. We worked through our shortlist of boys names – one we had to discard because my brother had had twins 4 days before and called one of their twins it. However, we had slowly began to decide that name wasn’t for us anyway, as much as we loved it, and it totally suits our gorgeous nephew!
This left us with two names – I loved one and Craig loved the other! And then the day after he was born, I threw another name in the mix just to make it harder. I had been having a nap with the baby in my arms and when I woke up and looked at him, the name popped into my head. I adored the name, and very quickly the name Craig loved fell away as we decided it just didn’t suit the baby.
Baby Jones
Baby Jones
In the meantime, we nicknamed him Baby Jones or Baby J for short. We’d dressed him in the baby grow we bought to do our Big Reveal (if you haven’t read that yet, read all about it here), and so just naturally just kept calling him this. Our friends had referred to him like this for a while anyway.  I quite liked the name!
So we had two names that I loved, one that Craig liked but was a little unsure of, and another he had to get his head round! It took us 3 days to name the baby.  He was born on Friday and we eventually settled on his name Sunday morning.
His middle name was easier – if we had a boy, he was always going to be named after Craig’s dad.
So, after much deliberation we finally decided what to name our beautiful baby boy:
Finally, he has a name!
Finally, he has a name!
As soon as we announced it, he totally became an Alfie and it suits him to a tee! Perfect name for our perfect baby.
We have now started gathering name suggestions for our next baby, in the hope he or she won’t be left 3 days without a name!!

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