Hit (the) Baby (Show) One More Time

Today was the first day of The Baby Show at the Excel Centre in London. If you are a gorgeous mama to be or have just had your baby, then this is the place to be to check out some brilliant baby buys, as well as pick up some bargains! We are not actually going this year, but we went twice last year and had a brilliant time at both shows.

Alfie testing out Tutti Bambini's giant nursing chair!
Alfie testing out Tutti Bambini’s giant nursing chair!

Our first show was February last year at the Excel centre. I was 22 weeks pregnant, and luckily won a free pair of tickets from Lansinoh the day before the show started! So it was a bit of a last minute decision to go, but I’m so pleased we did.

We arrived reasonably early, and it wasn’t too busy so we got in quite quickly. Being pregnant, the first thing I did was go to the toilet! Then we had a browse round a few of the stalls that were closest to us, which were mostly nursery furniture. It was great to be able to see all the different sets out on display so you could actually look at them and compare them while they were next to each other.

We walked round and found the stage, where there were different talks and shows being done tthroughoutthe day. We arrived just before the breastfeeding talk began with Clare Byam-Cook. I knew that I wanted to breastfeed so Craig and I decided to sit and listen. We found it very informative and interesting, and I took a lot of great advice home with me. We noted there was a sleep talk later in the day, so we made sure we came back for that. That was also excellent and we learnt some great tips.

We didn’t have much on our list to buy, but had a few things we wanted to look at that had been recommended to us. I am part of a baby group on Facebook, and a couple of the mums really rated the Morrck car seat blanket, so we went and had a look and decided to buy as it was such a great product and had a show-only offer on!

Alfie enjoying the Morrck blanket we picked up at The Baby Show
Alfie enjoying the Morrck blanket we picked up at The Baby Show

I also picked up a discounted Medela Swing breast pump, again after a recommendation, and the calma teat bottles and breastfeeding starter pack containing pump and save bags, breast pads, nipple cream and microwave sterilising bags. Since having the baby, this has been invaluable so although the initial outlay was a lot, I’ve definitely got my money’s worth!

Medela...allowing breastfeeding mum's everywhere a night off baby duty!
Medela…allowing breastfeeding mum’s everywhere a night off baby duty!

One thing I was excited to get was the Prima Baby goody bag! I do love a freebie! The goody bag was £5, and I got 3 magazines plus a baby bottle, breastfeeing cereal bar, nappy cream and bath products. I’d not read Prima Baby magazine before, but immediately loved it! I really regretted not taking up a subscription though. We visited the Gro Company stand and bought a Gro Egg that measures the temperature of the nursery, which is another invaluable item for us!

Our Gro Egg with owl cover in our woodland themed nursery
Our Gro Egg with owl cover in our woodland themed nursery

We had a fantastic time and got some great bargains, so decided to go back in October to the Baby Show at the Olympia as we’d had Alfie so we wanted to go back and see what we could get now we knew what a baby actually needs!

I was lucky enough to win tickets again (2 pairs this time!!) and so our brother and sister in law came with us with our niece as they have another baby on the way. I was really pleased to see a lot of reuseable nappies and sling companies  were there this time round. We went and looked at some, but didn’t buy any. One company we love though is Cheeky Wipes – we already had the starter kit, but purchased some more oil to make the wipes smell lovely.

There weren’t any sling companies that I like the look of this time, but it’s great that the babywearing brigade are getting out there! I did buy a BundleBean though – a waterproof cover for my sling. It took me about half an hour to decide on the design, but we went for a lovely elephant design.

I got a Prima baby mag goody bag again, and also signed up for a subscription as well! Because I signed up, I got a Grobag and Gro snuggle toy as part of the package which was great! We also went and bought another Grobag, which had the travel feature on which I love (although Alfie has now grown out of it and I need another one!!)

My friend had been to the show the day before, and told us to get some Funky Giraffe bibs, so Craig chose a selection for Alfie. They’re fantastic bibs which really help to keep Alfie’s tops dry – amazing considering how much of a dribbler he is!

Mamas and Papas were also giving away a fab goody bag which included a pram toy and a £5 gift voucher – for some reason my bag contained 2 toys and 2 vouchers which I didn’t realise until we got home, so double bonus for me (and Alfie!)

Trying our Baby Show purchases - the Bundle Bean, the Gro bag, a Funky Giraffe bib and Flame the Dragon
Trying our Baby Show purchases – the Bundle Bean, the Gro bag, a Funky Giraffe bib and Flame the Dragon

The one thing I LOVED about the show this year was the nappy changing area! Pampers sponsored the area, and were giving away free nappies and wipes. There was plenty of space to change your baby, and it was spacious and clean – a massive plus for us. We can’t use Pampers nappies as unfortunately they irritate Alfie’s skin, but it’s a brilliant bonus for new parents. The eating area was much better at the show the second time round – we found at the first show the eating area was small and food was limited – not great for a ravenous pregnant lady! But it was much better this time for a ravenous breastfeeding lady 😊.

There was also a great feeding area – comfy chairs for those breastfeeding and Perfect Prep machines available for those formula feeding, so everyone was catered for.

Overall, we had a great time at the Baby Show, both pre and post baby, and would 100% recommend new parents and parents to be to visit. I found there were smaller, less known companies there which is great for them, as well as well known and trusted brands. The savings were great, and it’s just a lovely day out.

We will definitely be returning when we have Baby Jones #2!

Mummy and Alfie enjoying the Joie cafe at the Baby Show
Mummy and Alfie enjoying the Joie cafe at the Baby Show
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6 thoughts on “Hit (the) Baby (Show) One More Time

  1. After reading your review I really feel like I’ve been missing out on these baby shows! It sounds like a great day, with some great brands, big and small. I’m definitely going to keep my eye out for the next time these are on and try to go with the little ones 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily


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