30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 5

Favourite superhero and why

Now my husband is massively into superheros – we watch all the Marvel films, and spin off series.  We’ve seen Jessica Jones, Agents of Shield, Agent Carter, Supergirl, Flash etc etc the list is endless!! Anything superhero related, we buy for Alfie (I’m still on the hunt for a limited edition Zap Connecta Baby carrier, so if anyone sees one, hook me up please!!)

So I should really pick a superhero because of his (or her) amazing abilities, or the good deeds they do, right?  But no, my favourite superohero is…


Why? I’ll just leave this picture montage here, and you can draw your own conclusions…

Hint...those eyes...mmmm
Hint…those eyes…mmmm

*photos from Google


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