Real Nappy Week: A Cloth Bum Mum

Today marks the first day of Real Nappy Week – a week to celebrate all those cloth bums out there!

Alfie's first cloth nappy
Alfie’s first cloth nappy

To celebrate all things cloth bum, I am going to do a series of posts this week about my take on cloth nappies – the pros and cons, why I personally use them, the brands I love the most, what you need to get started and how to use a cloth nappy.

I love being a cloth bum mum! I might not be as hard core as some mums out there as we don’t use them all the time – but we probably do use them about 50% of the time.  My husband is not as much of a fan (he can’t get to grips with inserts, and wraps and pockets and velcro and poppers, and that’s before you’ve got to deal with the poop!) so I use them myself when I’m at home with Alfie.

I did a lot of research into cloth nappies – what type was best, what brand was best, how you wear them, how you wash them, how you store them.  On the face of it, it can seem like cloth nappies are a lot of work.  But once you know what works for you, and you get the hang of how to put them on, they’re really easy to use!  Here are some pros and cons I’ve found:



  • Cheaper – the initial outlay may seem expensive, but the overall cost is so much cheaper than disposables


  • Extra washing – there will be some extra washing involved, but it would probably only be 3 extra loads a week, which isn’t much in the grand scheme of things
  • Environmentally friendly – cloth nappies are so much better for the environment as they can be used again and again and don’t end up on a landfill site.  Some say that you are using your washing machine (and maybe tumble dryer) more, but the extra benefits far outweigh this extra use
  • Stuffing – I think this might be a personal con for me!  I have no problems washing and drying the nappies, it’s finding the time to stuff them that I struggle with. But I have a small collection, if I had a larger collection then I could just do a few at a time, rather than need to do them all at once!
  • Better for your baby – cloth nappies are sooooo soft against your baby’s bottom. If your child has sensitive skin, you may find that by using cloth nappies, it reduces things like nappy rash and soreness


  • Cost – the initial outlay can seem expensive.  To get a proper starter kit with enough nappies for even part time use will set you back about £200 (depending on the brand you use, and if you have both day and night nappies)
  • They are so pretty.  Honestly, I’ve never seen such pretty nappies, I could literally spend all my money on pretty nappies.



  • It can be hard to find a nappy that suits you – there are so many different types and brands, it can be overwhelming.  But check out a local nappy library, where you can borrow a selection and see what works for you.
  • Poonami – I have never experienced a poonami when using a cloth nappy, even with Alfie’s liquid breastmilk poos!  They are amazing at containing even the biggest poops – a huge plus in my book!
  • Addiction – you WILL become addicted to buying pretty nappies!! So although they still work out cheaper than disposables, be prepared to get nappy obsessed (this can be a pro or a con!!)

I understand that cloth nappies are not for everyone – evidenced by the fact my husband won’t use them.  But, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing – you don’t have to use them everyday.  I use them probably 3 or 4 times a week.  If I know I’m going to be out all day, I tend to stick to disposables, especially now Alfie is eating and I have to take food out with me, they do take up a bit more space.  And if we were going away for a few days, I’d probably leave them at home.  We are also currently using disposables at night as well, purely because he grew out of his night nappies and I haven’t got round to purchasing the next size yet.

Yes, cloth nappies can be a bit of a minefield, but once you’ve got the hang of them, they’re fab!

So, with it being Real Nappy Week, a lot of cloth nappy companies will be having special offers and deals on, so now is the perfect time to try them out!  It doesn’t matter if your baby is newborn, 6 months or over a year – if they are still using nappies, it’s never too late to try a cloth bum!

Tomorrow I’ll write about how I got into using them, and why I personally love them.

On the bum shot
On the bum shot
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10 thoughts on “Real Nappy Week: A Cloth Bum Mum

  1. We didn’t use cloth nappies as they were much harder to find 12 years ago than they were now and the council schemes to encourage people to use them had just started being introduced. If I was doing it all again now, I’d look into them as they’re so much better for the environment.


  2. I love the look of cloth nappies and they are so cute and snuggly compared to the disposable types. I didn’t use them with my two and I do wince every time I put a bag of nappies into the bin *slaps own wrist” I’m guilty of constantly putting off the initial outlay to get kitted out. My youngest is now 19 months and so I’m not sure we would get our money’s worth if we switched now, but if I could turn back the clock I might well have invested for my first!

    Thank for linking up with #FartGlitter x


    1. They are so pretty! But I think if they were more easily available, then more people would use them. The cost is a big outlay, and totally understand it putting people off. I have gradually built up my stash, and am not totally against disposables, but I hope to go fully cloth soon! And then when we have our next baby, hopefully we can start as we mean to go on x

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  3. I’ve always been a bit reluctant about the practicalities of using cloth nappies, even though I think they are probably better for babys bum, more environmentally friendly and cheaper in the long run. I just cant seem to get over the thought of having to clean and wash them, which I imagine is probably a common thing for non cloth users! Im really interested to find out more though so will be checking out some more of your posts on cloth nappies next 🙂 Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily


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