Happy Blog Birthday!!

Today my blog is one year old!

You can't celebrate a birthday without cake - even if it is a blog birthday! And why not celebrate with a beautiful cake bouquet!
You can’t celebrate a birthday without cake – even if it is a blog birthday! And why not celebrate with a beautiful cake bouquet!

My goodness, how time flies.  My first post was written on 3rd July 2015, when I was almost 41 weeks pregnant, and a little bit bored on maternity leave.  I had been thinking about it all through my pregnancy, but just never had time to actually sit down and start it.  Then Baby Jones was late, I was getting fed up with all the free time I had, so I sat down, designed my website, and started writing.

I didn’t really know what I wanted to get out of the blog when I started – truthfully, I still don’t now.  I’m just amazed that I even have people reading it.  It may not be as big as some other blogs out there, and I do sometimes wonder what I need to do to boost my readership and get the blog out there, but also in a way I quite like not having that pressure.  At the moment, my blog is still for me,  I write about what I want, when I want.  I have an opinion and don’t feel like I need to curb what I say – I just write from the heart.

Now that I’ll be going back to work full time in a few weeks (more about that in my next post!), I don’t know how I’m going to have the time to continue my blog.  I may have to take a little break while I get my life in order, or I may find that I can use my commute wisely and do all my blogging then – we shall see how I get on.  Again, I’m grateful not to have the pressure of needing to keep the blog updated.  It’s still my project to do with as I please!

I feel like I’ve really developed my writing skills since starting the blog.  I have a voice, and I’ve honed my writing style and tone the more I’ve blogged.  I’ve virtually met some lovely bloggers, and become “real life” friends with a very lovely blogger too (*waves at Mrs Lighty*)

So, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all my lovely readers, whoever you are, and the fabulous blogging community for all their support, likes and comments.  I’d especially like to mention all the wonderful link ups I take part in regularly – MarvMondays, run by the wonderful Hello Archie and My Petit Canard, BloggerClubUK, run by the lovely Cuddle Fairy, Random Musings and Mudpie Fridays and the Cool Mum Club, run by the cool crew Mum Muddling Through and Motherhood: The Real Deal.  These are the three that I try to link up with every week, but there are a few others I pop in and out of as and when I have the time!

I have been a featured post twice on MarvMondays – once for my post about Jamie Oliver and his breastfeeding comments and once for my real nappies post.  I have also been part of My Petit Canard’s Breastfeeding Stories series (this is a wonderful series of posts dedicated to different breastfeeding journeys, so if you haven’t checked it out, please do go and have a read), and the Meet the Members series as part of the Cool Mum Club by Mum Muddling Through.

I have been featured on the Medela blog with my breastfeeding story, and have also spoken to Connecta about my love for babywearing.  I never would have done any of that had it not been for the blog.  I’ve ventured out on to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram which has been brilliant for networking, and have also tried to be as outgoing as possible when it comes to promoting the blog.

I’d also like to thank my wonderful husband Craig who has been very supportive of the blog, and of course, the gorgeous Alfie who, if he hadn’t arrived and been the most amazing baby, I wouldn’t be doing this at all.

I have to admit I’m quite proud of what I’ve achieved in this year – aside from the fact I had a baby, I also produced this little baby, and I’ve loved every second of it.  I hope you have enjoyed the journey with me (apologies for the 20,000 links in this post, but I’m proud of where I’ve been featured, and proud to know so many wonderful bloggers, who I think you should connect with too!)

Happy 1st Birthday Something About Baby – here’s to many more!  Cheers!!

Cheers! A glass of wine will be enjoyed tonight to celebrate :-)
Cheers! A glass of wine will be enjoyed tonight to celebrate 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Happy Blog Birthday!!

  1. Aww Happy Birthday! You’ve had a fab year and a baby too! Well done on the featured posts – it’s such a great feeling isn’t it?! I’m 6 months in and can’t wit to reflect when I’ve hit the 12 months! Thank you for sharing – it’s so good to hear how other bloggers love it too – just the best community isn’t it?! #MarvMondays


  2. Congratulations on one year of blogging. You are doing a great job. I know the feeling about not knowing how to fit blogging in when you go back to work. I go back in September and just don’t know how it will fit. I am preparing now and getting some posts written up for the first few months I am back to getting into a routine with work #MarvMondays


  3. Happy blog birthday! Well done for getting to 12 months and I hope you find the right balance for you when you go back to work. #MarvMondays


  4. Happy blog birthday! One year is such an exciting milestone and achievement 🙂 I think you’ve had an amazing year, I love reading your blog posts and having a chat every now and then on twitter! Thanks for mentioning the #MarvMondays linky in your post, so glad that its one of your faves 🙂


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