A Fabulous First Father’s Day

Sunday was Craig’s first father’s day since Alfie was born.  I think I was more excited about it then he was!  We had such a lovely Mother’s Day, so I really wanted to return the favour and plan a lovely day for us all.

We were woken at about 8ish by Alfie, and I brought him into our bed so we could do presents with Daddy.  Craig was half asleep, but I woke him up with a cup of tea, and then Alfie gave him his presents!

I have to admit, I was really stumped with what to get him.  As he’s already had his birthday and Christmas, we’ve done all the personalised/photo gifts you can think of.  So I went with the following:

  • Personalised footprint “Superdaddy” card
  • “Daddy” tshirt (I was worried it was going to be too big, but was perfect!)
  • “Happy First Father’s Day” tshirt for Alfie to wear (seriously, so cute!)
  • Personalised photo magnets (I needed some magnets for the fridge anyway, so killed two birds with one stone!)
  • Chocolate (standard present for Craig!)
  • Red Letter Rally track day

I was quite pleased with these presents, considering they took me ages to decide what to get!  Craig loved them all (I think – he said he did!) and he and Alfie wore their tshirts for our day out.


We had breakfast and got ready to go out for lunch which I had booked for 12pm.

We went to a restaurant nearby in Brentwood, called the Boar’s Head.  My sister had been a few weeks ago and said it was lovely, and I wanted somewhere we hadn’t been before, but that did a good Sunday roast! We actually arrived 20 minutes early for once, but Alfie was asleep so we let him sleep in the car before getting out.  A lovely waitress greeted us and showed us to our table.  Craig and I had a starter and then ordered a roast dinner for all of us.  I was very pleased when the waitress asked if we wanted Alfie’s food brought out with the starters, so he could start eating before our mains came out.  I thought this was a very thoughtful request and one that was actually followed through!

Craig had a tomato soup and I had pate, both of which were lovely!  I then had a beef roast and Craig had a trio of roast.  Alfie had turkey breast roast.  Out of all of ours, Alfie’s was the nicest!  Unfortunately my beef was a little overdone, and my Yorkshire pud was burnt, but the potatoes and stuffing were amazing!! I may have also “shared” Alfie’s Yorkshire, which was yummy 🙂 We were far too stuffed to get a dessert though.  It was a gorgeous little pub, and I would return but perhaps try something other than the roast, as it does get really good reviews on tripadvisor.


After lunch, we went to the Gruffalo Trail in Thordon Park.  I’d heard about it a while ago, and it’s had great reviews, so as the weather was nice and it was close to the restaurant, we decided to try it out.  I’ll be honest – we haven’t read the Gruffalo book yet.  So I don’t know the story of the Gruffalo, but I don’t think it mattered.  It wasn’t muddy fortunately, but we decided to take the Connecta as we didn’t have to take the buggy round.  As it was Father’s Day, I think it was only fair for Daddy to carry Alfie! The car park costs £3 for 2 hours parking and then we bought a map for 50p.  Turns out I can’t map read, so this was passed to Daddy!


We had a lovely walk around finding all the characters.  It didn’t take us very long, and with Alfie being so small, he didn’t really take much notice of what was actually going on!  However, it was such a beautiful day and it was a lovely walk in the woods.  It will definitely be a fun place to take Alfie when he is a bit older and can hunt the characters out himself.  We then stopped off for an ice cream in the lovely picnic area.  It really is a fab place to take the kids, and somewhere I’ll be taking my nephews to I think!


We got home late afternoon and we were all exhausted!  Alfie ate dinner, had a bath and then was asleep pretty much straight away (thankfully!!). So Craig and I finished off the day by watching a bit of Big Brother and Love Island with a cup of tea and some chocolate (because we’re rock and roll like that).

All in all, it was a fab first father’s day.


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